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The Mansion

on Colfax

The Mansion on Colfax

The Mansion’s Beginnings: Established in 1889, The Colmar Mansion was erected at the corner of Colfax and Marion nearly a decade after the State of Colorado was founded. G.V. Kram found his fortune in the state's gold rush era and designed a lavish residence in which to reside. Unfortunately, Kram never lived to see his home completed. Over the years The Mansion became home to various historical figures of the era. Some say the original residents of The Mansion still reside here today.

Earl B. Coe: In the early 1890s, Earl B. Coe purchased The Mansion. Leader of the Denver Chamber of Commerce Coe hoped to utilize his background as a lawyer to build Denver’s commerce. In 1894 Coe purchased the Denver Times and began a series of articles targeting Frederick Bonfils, owner of the Denver Post. Bonfils and Coe got into a disagreement over his sensationalized stories on Alfred Packer. Several weeks later Bonfils was shot twice and then attacked by an unnamed lawyer over his sensationalized journalism. When renovating the establishment antique taxidermy was discovered in the basement believed to have belonged to Earl B. Coe.

Thomas R. Bray: From 1913 to 1950 the building's former dining room and parlor became a pharmacy. This establishment would survive both the world wars and provide a much-needed service upon the Colfax corridor. January 1st, 1916 Colorado became a dry state with prohibition, and alcohol was driven underground. One often wondered how a pharmacist could afford such a lavish mansion, to this day Thomas is said to frequent the bar offering our guests a taste of our spirits.

G.V. Kram: Known as a mining king, Kram made his fortune in Colorado’s gold rush. After acquiring his wealth Kram fell in love with a woman 40 years his junior and spent nearly his entire fortune to commission a lavish mansion for him and his new bride to reside. Nearly upon The Mansions completion Kram discovered that his wife was unfaithful and part of a scheme to take his remaining money. Kram hid his remaining assets in the Mansions basement and took his own life leaving his wife with nothing.

Anne Schmidt: Anne, a German Catholic Immigrant arrived in Denver seeking a new life in 1958. From 1960 to 1989 the Heidelberg, a German restaurant operated on these grounds. While Schmidt was operating the restaurant, Schmidt’s son Michael would roam the halls of the once grand mansion exploring the deep hidden crevices that were closed to the public. It is said that on a winter's day, Michael’s dog began to howl and scratch at the door which had long been sealed. Tearing the room open Michael discovered wet dog tracks throughout the room. The snow outside had not been disturbed and was untouched. To this day dogs seem to play with a canine friend who isn’t there and tracks are oftentimes found through the building.

HD Escape Rooms: Located in the former speakeasy below the restaurant you will find HD Escape Rooms. Discover the clues, solve the mystery, and be the protagonist of some of your favorite films. Then come back upstairs and celebrate with a drink themed after each of our 3 escape room experiences.

HD Escape Rooms

Ghost Ride Haunted Tours: Your adventure begins at The Mansion where you learn about the history of the 1800's manor we are built into. Then you will board Denver's only Ghost Tour Bus for an hour guided excursion around downtown Denver. On the tour, you will visit some of Denver's most paranormal hotspots!

Ghost Ride Haunted Tours